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What type of clients do you work with?

I primarily work with solopreneurs and side-hustling entrepreneurs/professionals.  I know this arena intimately because I live it myself.  It is also a group that is often forgotten when you are trying to develop systems and processes in your life and business. That being said, if I feel I can help you, I will work with you. It doesn't matter what your industry is, I mainly want to work with people/companies who identify they need help and are ready to take action.  

What is your process for working with new customers?

Every customer is unique and I treat them as such, no matter if you are an existing or new customer. I don't believe in cookie-cutter systems. For 1:1 clients, we have a discovery session so we can meet each other and I can understand your individual needs, where you are in the process and where you want to be to determine how I can best assist. We then determine the best next steps for your unique situation and go from there.  

Group coaching or Organized Academy members access on-demand training and periodic live group training.  They also have the ability to submit questions for response by me. Those responses are given in a public forum so the entire community can benefit from them.

Speaking opportunities are dependant on a lot of factors.  I encourage you to reach out so we can discuss further.

Do you provide cleaning services for in-person sessions?

Although I will assist the Client with performing very high-level cleaning (i.e., sweep and wipe down the pantry prior to putting items back) I do not offer cleaning services. Please have someone available to handle any heavy cleaning that may be needed. If a deep clean is needed, I will break your project down into distinctive phases to allow you time to get that done prior to restocking/organizing your space.  I can also refer you to local cleaning companies who you can engage as well.

What types of things can you help with?

In a nutshell, just about anything organization or process-related. I've helped new businesses set up their back office and front office processes, helped with software implementations, basic website development, organizing pantries, closets, kitchens, office spaces, children's rooms, art studios, laundry rooms, coordinated weddings, planned new product and service launches, moves, taught workshops and presented at conferences and much more.

Do you work with people outside of Middle TN?

Absolutely! Most of my sessions are conducted virtually to make it more convenient for my client's schedule(s) and to allow for screen sharing and recording. Each client has the choice of having a video, screen share or audio-only call with me. I also offer in-person sessions for local clients. For an additional travel fee, I will travel outside that radius.


Do I have to schedule physical organizing for a 3-hour session?

Yes, I have found that most physical organization sessions require at least that. My sessions are unique in that I teach you as I help you with the physical organizing. If you prefer, you can join Organized Academy, which is cheaper and can be done at your leisure. You can find a link under the resources section.

How are expenses for organizing supplies and contractors handled?

You are responsible for your own organizing expenses and supplies. Shopping services are available at my normal hourly rate plus cost of items purchased (unless paid for in advance). If subcontractors are needed, you are responsible for signing their contract and paying their bill directly unless otherwise arranged in advance. I do offer my Project Management services at my PM hourly rate, these are services that are needed to coordinate and manage subcontractors or space improvements that fall outside of organizing (i.e, painting, repair, furniture assembly, etc.).

When do I pay for my services and what types of payments do you take?

Payments are due prior to each session. If you contract for a package rate, payment for each part of the package must be paid prior to booking that session. You also can purchase hours as gifts too. I accept all major credit cards, paypal and checks as well. I also can send an invoice for payment if you prefer, but payment must be received prior to your session (note: checks must clear the bank prior to your session being booked).

How far do you go for in-person sessions?

I go within a 40-mile radius of the 37219 zip code. at no additional charge. I charge my hourly rate for all mileage outside of that radius, unless otherwise negotiated in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand the need to reschedule or cancel a session, however due to the demand of my time a 50% fee will be charged for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice and a 10% fee for sessions that have been rescheduled more than one time, unless the session has been paid for in advance.


Do you offer gift certificates for your services?

Yes, you can purchase hours on behalf of someone else as a gift. They can be purchased in $25 increments and are redeemable at cost. You will receive a gift certificate printout to present to the recipient.

Do you accept checks?

Yes, checks are accepted, however, they must clear the bank prior to your scheduled session. If the payment is for an on-demand course, you will receive access once the check clears the bank.

How do I get a refund?

Use the contact form on the home page or the email you received during registration to request a refund.  Please make sure to review the terms and conditions and the description summary as it pertains to refunds prior to purchasing an event, course, product or service as they may differ.


Where do I get a login?

Your login information is set during event registration.  Please make sure to record/save the login page URL as it may vary.  If the event is hosted by THB, you can contact us to get your login information, if hosted by someone else, you will need to contact them directly.

Are all events hosted by THB?

No, I host some events, but I also provide signup information for events I am involved in but don't necessarily host. I provide as much detail as possible in the event summary, so make sure you are reading that information carefully prior to registering.


What topics do you speak on?

I speak on a number of different topics. I recommend if you have a specific event or topic in mind or you would like to discuss an opportunity further, please complete the contact form on the home page to set up a call.

Are you willing to be a podcast guest?

Yes, I have done a number of podcast interviews. I recommend you contact me using the form on the home page to discuss your opportunity further. I want to make sure it is a good fit.

Do you have any teaching or speaking opportunities with THB?

Yes, I accept podcast guests for my podcast, Organized Holistically, and I also accept speakers for my online membership, Organized Academy. These are non-paid opportunities and are meant to teach a needed skill to our small business and professional community. If you are interested in being a guest speaker please complete the guest speaker application under resources.


Where do I access the course I purchased?

All online courses are available on our learning platform, at organizedacademy.com.  We moved to this platform in 2019. If you purchased your course prior to 2019, you should have received an email with your new login information. If you didn't receive it or have misplaced it, feel free to contact me and I will get you the information you need.

Do you offer co-instructor opportunities?

Yes, if the topic and partnership are right. Contact me using the form on the home page of your proposal and we will see if it's a good fit.